Lorin at Sweetwater                                        lorin-iphone-10-14-15-105-lor-in-white-suit-guitar


Rowan Brothers-Lorin & Chris “Rowan Brothers” produced by David “Diadem” Grisman    Columbia Records

The Rowans – Peter,Chris & Lorin “The Rowans”   Ayslum/Warner/Elektra  Records

The Rowans- “Sibling Rivalry” a

The Rowans – “Jubilation” respectively.

The Edge- EP   Adolescent Records

The Edge-Single   Jealousy/One 2 Many A Time      Grip The Edge Indie label

Peter Rowan and The Rowan Brothers -‘Tree on a Hill’  Sugar Hill

Lorin Rowan – “My Father’s Son”  1996 on Black Dahlia Music, produced by Dick Olsher

Lorin Rowan – “Rebel Sons” 1997  German/European label, Taxim

Lorin Rowan Trio – “Live” Lorin on 12 string/vocals, Doug Harman (cello, vocals) and Jeremy Cohen (violin/vocals). The CD was recorded live in Ukaia, CA

The Rowan Brothers – Peter, Chris & Lorin    Their Music

Rowan Brothers- Lorin & Chris “Now & Then” double CD with brother Chris and band members Barry Sless (steel guitar), Robin Sylvester (bass) and Brent Rampone (drums) and guest artists Phil Lesh, David Grisman, Richard Greene, Jim Keltner, Jerry Garcia.

Rowan Cunningham Band – Indie release

San Francisco Music Club – “Love & Freedom”

Rowan Cunningham Band – “New Horizons”

Rattlebox- “Outside The Box”Lorin (guitar/vocals), Doug Harman (cello/vocals), Barry Sless (pedal steel)                                                                                                                               

Deep Blue Jam  Free download ON-LINE when sign up on mailing list www.deepbluejam.com    Lorin Rowan & co-founder/co-writer Kirk Casey                          with Eric McCann (bass) & Matt Willis (drums)